We specialise in sportsfield design, construction and installation

We specialise in the design and construction of sportsfields and offer a  complete range of works across all major sports, including full pitch construction, drainage improvements, cricket squares, golf greens, irrigation and undersoil heating. We can carry out work to existing specifications or provide a full design & build service, taking projects from initial site surveys through to match preparation.

  • Primary drainage
    Primary drainage systems using perforated pipes provide the foundation for any pitch and work by regulating the water table. In better draining soils they can provide a drainage solution on their own and in poorer soils they provide an outfall into which surface drainage can be connected.
  • Surface drainage
    Surface drainage systems such as sand slits, Koro Topdrains, sandbands and gravel bands connect into an underlying pipe drainage system to remove water rapidly from the playing surface. We offer a range of systems to cover all situations and performance levels.
  • Pitch Renovation
    At the end of each season pitches will need renovating to prepare them for the following season. This usually involves decompaction (eg vertidraining), sand top-dressing, overseeding and fertilising.
  • Earthworks & grading
    Minor levelling works can often be carried out by laser grading or box grading within the existing soil profile. Major works usually require the topsoil to be stripped, so that the subsoil can be levelled, after which the topsoil is replaced.
  • Cultivation & seeding
    Sportsfields require a fine, even seedbed, free from stones and other debris. This is achieved using a range of specialist equipment including rotary rakes, stonepickers and sportsfield seeders.
  • Stadium pitches
    Most new stadia utilise a sand-based pitch construction, comprising a gravel drainage layer, sand lower rootzone and a reinforced upper rootzone. With this construction an irrigation system is essential.
  • Cricket Squares
    All cricket squares are created using a proprietary loam surface, varying in depth from 50mm to 200mm. Higher specification squares will also include a stone or gravel base layer, perimeter drainage and a pumped watering system.
  • Golf greens
    New greens are generally constructed to USGA specification or similar, comprising a gravel drainage layer and 300mm of rootzone. Older greens can however be improved by introducing pipe drains, which will improve drainage rates significantly allowing far more use throughout the year.
  • Athletics Facilities
    Many field events require specialist equipment, such as throwing circles for shot put and discus, run-ups and sand pits for long jump and take-off fans for high jump.


  • Sports Turf Construction
  • Artificial Surfaces inc lastest 3G surfaces
  • MUGA's (Multi-User Games Areas)
  • Play Areas & Equiptment
  • Golf Course Construction & Remodeling
  • Primary & Secondary Land Drainage
  • Fine Grading & Seeding
  • Gravel Carpets & Banding
  • Sand Slitting
  • Renovation
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